15 Dec 10:00

Don’t forget to listen to Jane Burdiak, the author of ‘The Sporting Widow’ and ‘Domestic Science, on CRMK radio as she reads her books to the audience.

Jane has a speciality of writing engaging stories and depicting different classes of life with realism.

Domestic Science, unlike the title, is a simple tale of a food technology teacher who is also a mother, wife and an author. It’s a story that takes you on the journey of family life in twentieth century. Her writing describes the hopes, exasperation, sadness, joys, delights and disappointments of life. It’s a story full of colour, noise, activity and lots more. A story that every reader will enjoy as it is full of colour, noise, activity and lots more.

Her second book that she will be reading comprises of short stories. The main character Jenny with the help of her husband and TV coverage absorbs the facts and figures, rules, venues and player’s names. The stories also show her husband’s passion for the games like fishing, cricket, and football.

Stay tuned as her books have a lot to offer to the audience.

Event Address: 
CRMK radio station

19 Dec 12:00

If you are a mother and want your kids to have quality literary time, then you need to be at Hester's Way Library, where Lilli Sutherland reads out her book. She has beautifully captured the attention of the children by depicting nature and innocent animals in her book.

The story is about a nervous kitten which starts chasing a colourful butterfly. In her pursuit of the lovely creature, the kitten finds herself lost and nowhere to go. What will she do now? How will she find her way back home? Will she even reach home?

Jasper at Plumrose Farm’ is Lilli’s first piece of creation for children. Apart from writing, she is also the illustrator of this eye-catching book. She came up with a colourful cover and all the scenic illustrations painted in watercolours to make it more appealing.

Event Address: 
Hester's Way Library, Goldsmith Road, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL51 7RT

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