23 Jun 10:00

George Roberts, author of the enthralling novel 'From Ten Down To Three', is at Stourport Library from 10am on Friday 23rd June. George will be holding a question and answer session, so make sure to head down to Stourport Library next week to meet the author and to find out more about his book!

Event Address: 
Civic Centre, New St, Stourport-on-Severn DY13 8UN

24 Jun 10:00

Donna L. Jones is being interviewed at Neath Library on the 24th June about her new release, 'The Rise of Global'. Head down to Neath Library between 10am-12pm and meet the author!

Event Address: 
35 Creswell Rd, Neath SA11 1HE

24 Jun 11:00

J.D. Welch, author of the children's mystery novels 'The Einstein Code' and 'The Darwin Code', will be attending the Manchester Children's Book Fair at Manchester University where she will be available to sign copies of her books and will be speaking about 'A Brief History of Coding'.

Be sure to join her from 11am-12pm and from 1pm-2pm.

In her book The Darwin Code J.D. Welch uses her love of science and puzzles to help her characters try to solve two mysteries whilst also delivering an interesting and understandable insight into human genetics. Set against a backdrop of the streets and colleges of Oxford, a story of intrigue and suspense unfolds. When Ben Baxter and his mother Sue escape from a horrific ordeal, their lives remain in danger as they race to prevent a deadly poison being launched. For Ben, this also brings the opportunity to discover the answer to a very important question; who is his father?

Event Address: 
Geoffrey Manton Building, Rosamond St W, Manchester M15 6EB

27 Jun 18:00

Pimlico Library holds a steady stream of events, but this late June they will host debut author Sara Allen, author of the thrilling 'Priness Aminah'. Listen to Sara as she talks not only about her novel, but as she talks about the roles of women in the Medieval period, in Islam and more.

This is one exciting event you won't want to miss.

Princess Aminah embarks on a half year journey from her sheltered life as the daughter of an eastern Caliph to Cordoba in Spain where she has been betrothed to Prince Hisham. Leaving behind her beloved step-sister Myriam, her controlling and hated step-mother, The Amirah, and everything she has ever known. She faces the unknown with a mixture of nervousness and uncertainty but above all the lure of freedom from the confines which The Amirah has imposed on her for most of her short life. During an eventful journey when all of her horizons are expanded, she finds herself opening up to the knowledge provided by her handsome personal bodyguard with whom she falls in love. Fearing that she is betraying her betrothed prince whom she has never met, she shuns her guard for the remainder of the journey and retreats back into her own world. When she finally arrives in Cordoba, Aminah is totally unprepared for her meeting with Prince Hisham and the manner in which she feels he has betrayed her. Although secretly in love with her prince, can she ever forgive his betrayal and lead a happy life and what will the consequences of a serious riding accident be for their future?

Event Address: 
Lupus St, Pimlico, London SW1V 3AT

29 Jun 14:00

David Munro is at Stirling Library speaking about his books 'The Time Jigsaw' and 'The Time Jigsaw Deliverance'.

Those lucky enough will be able to get their copies of his book signed and meet the brilliant mind behind these novels that are a brilliant blend of fantasy and history.

Away from their native Scotland for seventeen years, James and Elizabeth Carsell-Brown have enjoyed their time living in New York, James working in a Wall Street firm and Elizabeth putting her artwork up for sale in a local retailer, including a very special painting of her previous coachman in Scotland who had in fact saved her life many years ago. However, it is 1929 and the economy is taking a turn for the worse. With life changing events and depression taking hold of many businesses and families, people are becoming desperate and willing to take extreme action. With robberies and murders turning into an almost daily occurrence, James's and Elizabeth's lives become in danger. James has many lucky escapes and it seems that he has a guardian angel saving him from threat at exactly the right time. Sadly, James's luck runs out, leaving Elizabeth bereft and alone in the big city. Elizabeth decides to take a chance, leaving New York to return to her native Scotland, and it seems that she has some unfinished business.

Event Address: 
3 Corn Exchange Rd, Stirling FK8 2HX

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