Jan Alcock Visits Coxheath Library

Jan Alcock recently visited the Coxheath Library to read from her latest book Marcus and Rorden's Adventures on Bark Lane

Lina Saad Appeared in Sayidaty Magazine Beirut and Middle East

Lina Saad's Ramadan Express has been featured in Sayidaty Magazine Beirut and Middle East, a translation of which can be seen below.

The God Particle - Daniel Danser

Daniel Danser's sci-fi thriller The God Particle has been reviewed by book blogger Hyper Ashley.


Lina Saad - Ramadan Express

Author of the excellent cookbook Ramadan Express Lina Saad has appeared on Lebanese Channel Beirut Al Manar News, talking about her book.

 George Roberts Appears in the Tenbury Advertiser

Author of the brilliant comedy From Ten Down to Three,George Roberts, has appeared on the front page of the Tenbury Advertiser.

Lina Saad Shows Us to Make Apple Cake for Ramadan.

To celebrate Ramadan, we are bringing to you over the next few weeks some recipes from the excellent Lina Saad, author of Ramadan Express

Manumission - E R Harding

The brilliant mind behind sci-fi book Manumission, E R Harding, has been featured on The Packet, Falmouth's local newspaper.

Cairo Mon Amour - Stuart Campbell

Stuart Campbell, author of the incredible book 'Cairo Mon Amour', being released at the the end of this month, has been written about in TheArmenianWeekly.

Reginald Davis MBE Features in the Daily Express

'My Life Photographing Royalty and the Famous' is a fascinating insight into the real lives of royal figures, state leaders and Holly

David Munro Talks About His Event at the Central Library in Dundee

David Munro attended an event at the Central Library in Dundee on June 7th to talk about, and sign copies, of his wonderful books: '

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