A History of London through the Beer Goggles book cover

Author of ‘A History of London through the Beer Goggles’ was invited to talk about his book by LBC radio. Cyril O’Brien spoke about the theme of his book and how the idea came about. Everything about the book is unique and entertaining in every way.

It depicts a London that most people have not seen. The information is given with oldest pubs of the city playing a central role.

Love YOU for YOU! book cover

International author Precious Allen gave an interview on a radio recently to talk about the self-empowering message of her book ‘Love YOU for YOU!’. The author is a human rights champion and spreads her motivational message in different avenues in Chicago, Illinois.

The Apology of Arthur Tresbit book cover

Robert Thayer the author of ‘The Apology of Arthur Tresbit’ appeared on the Podcast Georgie Talks recently to talk about his contemporary novel.

Filled with humor and some very interesting information about the financial system, the book is entertaining and unique in every way.

Kevin Doyle R.I.P book cover

Reviewer Brian Case called ‘Kevin Doyle R.I.P’ “a compelling story which just keeps going”. The review of Les Clarke’s book appeared in Life Begins Magazine.

The book has received a lot of praise in the form of positive reviews and this is yet another feather in its cap.

‘The Alphabet Picnic’ Promotes Reading

Sue Sibbons intended on teaching children the importance of reading with her book ‘The Alphabet Picnic’. The author and her book were the subjects of an article on St. George & Sutherland Shire Leader News recently.

Alex and His Magical Dragon

‘Alex and His Magic Dragon’ was featured in a local newspaper recently. Rose Miller’s delightful book brings magical adventures that will entice young ones.

The plot surrounds 8-year-old Alex Jones. Like every other kid, there are things that he loves doing, which are going to school and playing football. But he hates doing three things that include going to bed early, listening to his older sister’s musical talents and eating food that are not his favorite.

Lost Universe book cover

An interview with Keith Brandon, as well as a Novel Transcript of his book ‘Lost Universe’, is available on Novel Writing Festival website. The author discussed his likes and his inspirations along with his novel on the website. The novel reading was performed by actor Geoff Mays.

In the book, a special crew is sent to discover the end to the universe, if there is one.

Jane Burdiak books

The author of ‘The Sporting Widow’, ‘The Walk’ and ‘Domestic Science’, Jane Burdiak, has a regular radio spot on CRMK Radio. She reads an excerpt from one of her books.

Azarias Tor: The History Maker book cover

“The plot explores complex and fascinating paradoxes” says the article in Hillington & Uxbridge Times when speaking about Richard Abbott-Brailey’s book ‘Azarias Tor: The History Maker’. The newspaper took a look at the plot of the book and focuses on the locations featured in the article, particularly Watford.

Julie Haiselden

Author of ‘Evil Echoes’ visited the Park Centre Wives Group in Burgess Hill West Sussex to speak about her book and the different steps involved in the publishing process.

The Butterfly Bee Lady and the Bee book cover

The Butterfly Bee Lady and the Bee’, penned by Ig Oliver was featured in a magazine. My Local Pinner News February Issue contains a story about the children’s book.

Magical adventure tells the tale of Butterfly Bee Lady and her daughter.

Manumission book cover

The international author of ‘Manumission’, E. R. Harding was interviewed by a website recently in which she expressed that even though she has written a novel she doesn’t feel like a writer, she said “I don't consider myself a writer, and I’m not sure I ever will”.

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