‘Martin and the Pigeon’, receives an enthralling review

Martin and the Pigeon book cover

Joseph McIver’s book, ‘Martin and the Pigeon’, recently received an amazing review on GoodReads.

McIver, who is a multitalented individual, has varied interests. He has a gym instructor’s qualification and is studying administration at college. He won many checker tournaments and also played the game blindfolded.

He also has a knack for storytelling, which is evident in his book, ‘Martin and the Pigeon’.

The book follows the story of a kid called Martin, who likes to feed pigeons. He befriends with one of these pigeons and calls him Peter. The pigeon starts speaking to him, which is a major concern for his mum. Soon, they have all sorts of adventures together and build a strong bond.

Let your kids be amazed by the thread that author has created in this wonderful story.

Follow the link to read the complete review of the book: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/2244206225?book_show_action=true&from_review_page=1

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