Nathaniel with his daughter and his book

The first book of young author, Nathaniel G. Sands, ‘The Event Horizon’, makes a mark and gets a praising article on Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows News. The book is a post-apocalyptic satire with a blend of poetry.

Charles Zammit holding his book 'Reckless'

Charles Zammit finally gets rewarded for his perseverance of 40 years. Charles, had been turning his ideas into stories but never wanted them to be published. Until the idea of ‘Reckless’ struck his mind. A thriller, portraying a treacherous journey of a family from Bali, Indonesia, back to Australia.

The logo of the school incorporated with book covers donated

In October 2017 Austin Macauley Publishers donated a bundle of children’s books to the Offham Primary School who was looking to expand its library.

Breaking Point book cover

Sam Joyson-Cardy breaks all the barriers while creating this tense, action packed thriller full of suspense, which has resulted in making, Breaking Point, a great hit. For this specific reason, the book has managed to get a high four-star review on Goodreads.

Dewi Anggraeni

A famous news and current affairs website, ABC news, covers Dewi Anggraeni’s powerful and engaging but agonising story, My Pain, My Country. Story about an unforgettable national scandal in Indonesia. The 276-page novel, covers all the chaotic events that took place almost 20 years ago.

 Liam Kelly

Belfast Live features a story on Liam Kelly, the author of children’s book, Worried William. The book has a special message for all the teachers, parents and the society in general that children suffer more than the elders realise.

Peter Alexander Morgan Holme

Peter Alexander Morgan Holme’s book, ‘Can I Play For England?’ got covered in an online article in the Blackpool Gazette on 30th of November 2017. It’s a true story of a young person who has dreams to play for his country. The passion and enthusiasm is worth noticing in the book and the author is getting praised for the story plot chosen.

Melanie Andrew

Melanie Andrews comes up with another cook book to rock your taste buds, ‘Baking with Melanie Andrews’. Recently covered by Helensburgh Advertiser, the book contains her culinary experiences and kitchen tips. A master baker and a businesswoman, owner of Craigard Tearooms, has won the Scottish Gourmand World Cook Book Award.

Not only this, she was a runner-up in the World Cook Book Awards in 2015 for her mouth-watering recipes. Unable to hold herself back, she decided to write another cook book to see whether she did better in presenting an easy guide to successful baking or not.

Dr. Noteh Glogauer

Dr. Noteh Glogauer, who had become a school principal at the young age of 29, has now achieved another landmark by becoming a Chaplain, with the rank of Captain in the Royal Canadian Air Force. Author of an inspirational book, Never Give Up - A Journey from Class Clown to School Principal, attained this award on 29th November 2017.

Amy Beatson

Amy Beatson read her children’s book, The Creeps, to the kids at Queensferry Primary and Echline Primary on 1st of December 2017. The kids enjoyed the story and showed interest in the writing which kept them engaged and entertained.

The plot of the story revolves around two children, Eve and Eric, who are a bit curious about their neighbourhood. While staying at their grandparent’s home, the duo along with another friend Sam, take on a mission of secretly investigating a family from a neighbouring farm, which used to seem mysterious.

The Bane of Karrak

UK’s monthly Wolverhampton magazine features Robert J Master’s fantasy tale, The Bane of Karrak. This novel followed the success of Robert’s first quest of the series, The Ascension of Karrak.

Running wild by Austin Stevens

Venomous snakes, open mouthed alligators and other deadly reptiles! Frightened? Off course yes, but there is one person who loves spending his time with these scary creatures. He is none other than Austin Stevens.

Famously known for his adventures, television shows and documentary appearances on channels like Animal Planet, Discovery, National Geographic, and UK Channel 5.

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