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The Voyage book cover

Paul Thomas is a UK based international author of ‘The Voyage’. He was recently interviewed by BBC Radio Humberside. He discussed writing career and the theme of his book with the host of the show.

Robin Driscoll's book Rough Music

Gerogie Talks Blog hosted International Author Robin Driscoll on its podcast recently. The author of ‘Rough Music’ spoke about his mystery thriller in the interview.


The author of ‘College Girls’, Caitriona Coyle, recently appeared on Dave Lordon Creativity; a YouTube channel that features authors and focuses on creative writing.

She read extracts from her book on the channel.

The plot of the book is a coming of age story of some Irish girls. Readers meet Cathy and a couple of her friends.

All of the girls are boarding school survivors and are tired of nuns and can’t wait to experience true freedom when they head to college in Dublin.

The apartment they find is not much but they don’t let it dampen their spirits.


‘Once I Rise’ was the subject of a feature on Redland City Bulletin. Tara Ingham spoke to the publication of her book and the unique idea that led to its creation.

Readers are transported to another world which is filled with people who have died unjustly. A revenant lives in this place and he has a unique ability, he can move between the real world and this one. This gift is utilized in a good way.

He works to find justice for people who have been murdered. He investigates the murders and finds justice for them.


“Great read. He [the author] makes you feel you are there. Highly recommended.” Said a reviewer about Philip J.S. Jones’ book ‘A Peruvian Diary’. The book received 13 reviews and all of them admired the writer and the story he has told.

The story picks up from 2009 when Philip had quit his job and was pursuing charitable activities. He found himself in Peru, where he thought that he would be helping the community to build a soup kitchen.

Choices book cover

“Don’t wait to find your voice...write whatever inspires you” says Elizabeth M. Price in a feature on NZIBS Newsletter. The feature talked about the author and her book ‘Choices’ published by Austin Macauley Publishers.

Janice Condon author

Author of ‘Lulu Meets the King of Poo’ visited the Vina School on Dr. Suess Day and read an excerpt from her book to the children. Janice Condon creatively presented all the scientific information about the digestive system in a relatable yet interesting manner.

Cas Amato author

Cas Amato believes himself to be an ordinary but his book ‘Rags to Rags’ says otherwise. The book and its author made an appearance on Bromsgrove Standard. The article praised the Barnt Green man who has penned a quirky book.

Rags to Rags book cover

Rags to Rags’ is a brilliant book that tells the adventures of an ordinary man named Cas Amato. It appeared on an article in Worcester News. The publication spoke to the author about his inspiration for the book.

The author talked about his life, saying “I am just an ordinary bloke living an ordinary life with my wife and two kids in Barnt Green”.

Rags to Rags book cover

Cas Amato’sRags to Rags’ was subject of an article that appeared on Bromsgrove Advertiser recently. The article praised the author for his writing and storytelling style.

The author talked about why he wanted to write the book, saying, “I’m not a celebrity and I am not rich and famous, but it is just something I wanted to do”.

 Cas Amato author

Rags to Rags’ appeared in an issue of The Village last year, accompanied by an article. The author, Cas Amato, spoke to the publication and gave his views on the book and writing process.

“It took me about two or three months in total. There was no writer’s block because the story is all there” said the author when talking about the time he needed to complete the book.

Running wild by Austin Stevens

The famed adventurer, wildlife photographer, film maker and author, Austin Stevens, has finally taken some time to write down his exciting memoir. Austin Macauley is proud to present ‘Running Wild’ – the book is now available on our website, as well as on Amazon, Barnes, Noble and Waterstones.

The author recounts his early days from 70s when he was at the Hartbeespoort Snake and Animal Park to becoming one of the most recognized faces on Animal Planet.

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