Austin Stevens writes a book encapsulating his life time experiences

Running wild by Austin Stevens

Venomous snakes, open mouthed alligators and other deadly reptiles! Frightened? Off course yes, but there is one person who loves spending his time with these scary creatures. He is none other than Austin Stevens.

Famously known for his adventures, television shows and documentary appearances on channels like Animal Planet, Discovery, National Geographic, and UK Channel 5.

But this time the renowned herpetologist chooses a different platform altogether to share his experiences. Austin takes it to pages and pen to share exclusively, his bold and fearful practices, events and experiences while working and filming with the deadliest creatures.

His near to release book, Running Wild, encircles Stevens’s life as an adventurous, dramatic, uncertain and captivating one. Austin also talks about how and why he was recruited by the South African Defence Force and other interesting things. The book contains some tips to overcome the poisonous creatures (in case of encounter) and also what needs to be done if someone gets bitted by any reptile.

The book will allow the readers a sneak peek into the diverse and restless life of Austin. The shared experiences and incidents will often render the audience fearful and sometimes tearful moments and the goose bumps which the author continuously faces in his voyages in the wild.

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