Cas Amato has Appeared on the Bromsgrove Advertiser

Cas Amato - Rags to Rags

The Bromsgrove Advertiser has run a feature on Cas Amato, the author behind the excellent memoir Rags to Rags.

"FROM a teacher, a cleaner, to a dinner lady and a rock 'n' roll guitarist, Barnt Green man Cas Amato has just about done it all – and now he’s even released his autobiography."

Read the full article here on the Bromsgrove Advertiser.

Cas Amato is a first time author. He is not a celebrity, not rich nor otherwise extraordinary. He is just an ordinary guy, living an ordinary life, and yet, he decides to write his autobiography. Initially, he wonders why he is doing it, and who could possibly be interested in reading such a work. Nevertheless, he sits down and completes his story, concluding that it is there to be written, so why not just do it anyway. His family may think he's nuts, but that has never stopped him in the past. The end result is a rather quirky and tongue in cheek account of his life, his Italian culture, his successes and failures, and his travels, which have taken him to the far ends of the earth and back.

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