Five Minutes with George Roberts - 'My experience as an author so far'

Five Minutes with George Roberts - 'My experiences as an author so far'

Hello! My name is George Roberts, and I am the author of ‘From Ten Down To Three’. I have been asked to write a little something about my experience as an author so far. 

First of all, writing can at times be the most frustrating thing ever; it’s also the most amazing thing to do. My writing usually starts with the smallest idea, maybe an unusual event, a strange encounter, or just anything that will trigger a series of thoughts and twists. That first click in the brain that unfolds into a story is the most enjoyable part for me. In ‘From Ten Down To Three’ the story is based on my own life, which means that all of the emotions, feelings and escapades are (mainly) true. The story is told through the eyes of a teenage boy, James, who starts to question the idea that fate has played a part in his life. The fiction in ‘From Ten Down To Three’ knits well with the reality. I believe the reader can explore the reasoning behind James' thoughts. 

From Ten Down To Three’ has been enjoyed by people of all ages, but is primarily aimed at young adults. Writing a book for young adults was, let me tell you, amazing - it did help that both my boys (now men) were teenagers!

As I started to write, the words began to flow and I could feel myself getting so involved in the emotions that James was experiencing, as I had felt them years before. There were times I cried and times I laughed; there were times that the words triggered memories, memories that I had somehow forgotten (at first this was strange). My fingers were somehow subconsciously one-step ahead of my thoughts, but I found this, after a while, comforting. Writing can be a very powerful thing and is great therapy.

James goes through some very tough times - events that teenagers are going through today. He explains his emotions and his belief in the possibility of fate. I hope that by reading this book, people will connect with James and know that they are not the only ones going through a hard time. We have all, at some point, felt vulnerable. James remained positive and was always looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. Nobody is ever truly alone in these tough times as you will discover in ‘From Ten Down To Three’.

James inherited his humor from his parents, and uses it as a tool to help him get through tough times. They do say that ‘laughter is the best medicine’! 

As an author, I find that easiest way to write is honestly and from the heart. Life can be hard, it can be a roller coaster in fact. One minute you could be experiencing the best time of your life and in a split second everything can change; nobody knows what is around the corner. After all, is this not one of the most amazing things about our lives, the ‘not knowing’ part? It gives us hope and helps realize our dreams and our potential. We roll with the punches when we need to and ride the waves when it is asked of us. We also savor and cherish the times that make us adore life.

I truly hope that you enjoy 'From Ten Down To Three' as much as I did writing it. Join James on his journey of discovery and you might, just might, discover something you didn't already know about your own life…

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