Imre von Maltzahn Appears on Der Deutsche Adel to Discuss Brexit

Imre von Maltzahn

Imre von Maltzahn, author of An Austro-German as an Englishman. A Life, Times, and Commentaries, has appeared on the Der Deutsche Adel Facebook page (translation: The German Nobility), where he is discussing Brexit and the history leading up to such a moment.

"A comment from Imre von Maltzahn on the historical framework conditions leading to the Brexit as well as the elections in Great Britain." - translation of the German that titles the post.

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"To understand the English for voting to leave the EU I work on the historical evidence that the English are not Europeans. The Scots by contrast are and in the main voted to remain. For many centuries the Scots had as allies the French and at the same time the English had the French as enemies. This went back to the Hundred Years War in which the English tried to continue to hold what they believed as their right, the lands inherited from the Normans, now kings of England. In the end this ran out of steam mainly due to lack of funds. War is expensive.
The English continued to fight the most powerful European country, Spain. Mainly by robbing their galleons returning from the New World with gold. Ending in the defeat of the Spanish Armada. This event is still remembered in the south of England. Many marriages between English rulers and continental princesses to shore up good relations were never that successful.
The last foreign army to march on English soil was in 1745 under the banner of 'Bonnie Prince Charlie'. By contrast in my lifetime four foreign armies have fought across Europe in one of the most devastating wars in history."

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