Karrak Ascends on Express and Star

Austin Macauley The Ascension of Karrak

Express and Star newspaper did a feature on ‘The Ascension of Karrak’. Robert J. Marsters, who authored the book, also spoke to the paper and discussed his book in detail.

We are transported to the Kingdom of Borell. The kingdom is in search of a new leader. One of the potential leaders is Karrak Dunbar, who is cruel and sadistic.

He is second in line to the throne.

Jared is his older brother and is the only one that can prevent his ascension to the throne, with the help of his advisor and a mighty wizard Emnor.

Will they be able to negate the powers and schemes of Karrak or will he become the ruler and turn Borell into his kingdom?

Born and raised in the West Midlands, Robert is a hard worker and has climbed his way to the top in the retail furniture trade.

Just a few years ago he was diagnosed with a serious disease, which is when he began to think about all the time that he has wasted so far.

He was a keen reader, his favorite books contained fantasy and magic.

He decided to create a magical world of his own. The result was his first book that has plenty of adventures to satiate any fan of fantasy fiction.


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