Keith Brandon gets interviewed about his latest release ‘Lost Universe’

The cover of Lost Universe

Keith Brandon first dreamed of new worlds when he saw Star Wars back. Since then, even as a child, he has wanted to write his own stories.

With his debut novel, Lost Universe, which is the first in a series, he creates new creatures and worlds for others to explore.

The Interview was conducted by The Crazy Mind, which records the insights about the book and the authors in the form of a blog.

The fiction book takes you on a journey through different universes with a very special crew sent from planet earth. 16 depart from Earth on a mission to find the end of the universe. Plans go awry from the very start of this mission and of the original 16 not all will survive. Was sabotage behind this and if so, who? Captain Patrick leads his remaining team on a mission they were not expecting. They pass through a narrow fissure in the sky, there is a blinding light and huge alien spaceships appear. Welcome to the year 2255. The Federation are now calling the shots and their tales of visits to Earth and secret testing on humans are disturbing and frightening. The crew must keep all their wits about them to survive this. The Earth they are told is no more; but is this the truth? Or is it part of an elaborate tale along with the cloning, missing treasure and mysterious Lady Markass? Take a deep breath and hold on tight!

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