Lloyd Z. Remick discusses his debut Thriller on WOGL Radio


Lloyd Zane Remick joined Brad Segall, the host of Philadelphia Agenda on WOGL radio, to speak about his first novel ‘Two Times Platinum’.

Dex Randle has a successful law practice, dealing with athletes and music stars. But all that changed one day when he got a visit from Val Clifton and a mob boss Vince Carpozzi.

They come with a load of cash and bring a pop star along with them. Conflicts arise soon enough and put everyone involved in a dangerous situation.

The crime boss wants revenge for the insults he suffers and blood is spilled. No one’s life will ever be the same.

It is up to Dex to save his business and find help wherever he can.

Professor Lloyd practices law in entertainment, sports and other areas. He also manages a consultation and management firm in Philadelphia.

He has a B. S. degree from Wharton School and L. L. M. from Villanova School of Law.

His law firm represents artists, writers and other personalities. Plus, he is a contract advisor for the one of the biggest sports leagues, National Football League Players’ Association. He also represents athletes.

You can listen to the recording of his conversation by visiting this page.

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