Lynda Ann Green, Interviewed by Express & Star Newspaper

Mr. Nolly and the Magic Ladder book cover

Lynda Ann Green, author of ‘Mr. Nolly and the Magic Ladder’ was interviewed by Express & Star newspaper on Dec 29, 2017. Lynda, is an avid writer and has been inspired by Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl, and Alan Garner. She has finally brought all her talent and imagination on the pages of ‘Mr. Nolly and the Magic Ladder’.

In the interview to the newspaper, she said that “I hope children would enjoy reading it as much as I loved books by my favorite authors when I was young”.

The book takes children on a magical journey with Mr. Nolly and his magical ladder named Ecky.

Adventure starts when Ecky, is thrown away by a witch and it ends up in the possession of Mr. Nolly, who soon discovers that there is more to this ladder than meets the eye.

The ladder starts speaking to him and can also make Mr. Nolly’s cat talk. The witch wants her ladder back and so begins the story which delves into magic and takes readers on a fun-filled ride.

Lynda, fell in love with poetry and literature at a young age and at 47 she has finally published her first book.

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