Publisher Weekly names Austin Macauley one of the fastest growing publishers in 2018


In its most recent issue (April 2018), the Publisher Weekly Magazine named Austin Macauley Publishers one of the fastest growing independent publishers.

Referring to the New York office, the magazine said “The American office has enjoyed rapid growth since it was launched.”

Austin Macauley opened its doors in the US in January 2017 and has since signed over 200 authors. These significant numbers show that the publisher has successfully found a foothold in the region.

That’s not all, through 2015 to 2017, the book sales for Austin Macauley rose by 330%.

The brilliant stories and authors and the staff’s untiring hard work are the direct reasons for the huge success that the publisher has enjoyed in recent years.

They expect to expand their business to new territories in the future. Offices in South Africa, Australia and Canada will open in the coming years.

The International Director Austin Macauley Publishers, Jade Robertson, commented “It has been rewarding to see how the New York office has grown since opening its doors in 2017.”

The publisher will continue to seek out talented authors, bringing their stories to readers all over the world.

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