Sarina Wheatman appeared in a Radio Interview

The book cover Twisted Wires


Sarina Wheatman is a qualified therapist, living and working in the South England. Apart from her profession she loves subject of recovery, mind complexities, travelling and exploring the world. If she was given the option to choose another career then she would love to be a geologist because she will get a chance to visit exotic places of the world and collect gemstones.

The radio interview of Sarina was conducted by Awaz radio on 4th July 2017. The page turner book Twisted Wires sheds light on the addiction and recovery process. Twisted Wires is an informational piece of writing. The book in an attempt to dispel some myths and misconceptions about the disease of addiction and the treatment that can help once diagnosed introduces a new culture of treating the problem in a better way.

The educational book also enables you to help others in the addiction recovery process. The book explores a new world where we can be an active participant in creating an addiction free society. The book can also be taken as a wonderful idea towards the process of therapy and recovery from this deadly addiction.  

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