Austin Macauley The Ascension of Karrak

Express and Star newspaper did a feature on ‘The Ascension of Karrak’. Robert J. Marsters, who authored the book, also spoke to the paper and discussed his book in detail.

We are transported to the Kingdom of Borell. The kingdom is in search of a new leader. One of the potential leaders is Karrak Dunbar, who is cruel and sadistic.

Rose Miller Austin Macauley

Rose Miller’s first story about ‘Alex and His Magic Dragon’ has been reprinted by Ireland’s Own Magazine. The story was the beginning of the magical tale that one day would turn into a book.

Alex, the hero of the story, is only 8-years-old and he loves playing football and going to school.

He finds a dragon egg one day and embarks on various adventures. The readers go along with him and his dragon as they get up to all sorts of mischief.

Sue Ellis author

“The skills you encourage will have benefits for a lifetime” said Sue Ellis when speaking to The York Press. The newspaper had a conversation with her about her new book ‘Proud Patrick Peacock and Other Stories’.

The Devine Girls book cover

Felicity Knight’s fourth novel ‘Devine Girls’ got featured in Rotherham Life Magazine in February.

She is a former teacher who specialized in English and History. She grew up in rural Worcestershire and now lives in South Yorkshire. Felicity is married, with two sons and a granddaughter. She has three novels already published in the genre of historical family sagas, which have been well received.

 Christopher Hayes-Brown Austin Macauley

Phasmid Study Group highlights Christopher Hayes-Brown’s book ‘Lady’ in an article in January. The subject of the book is the author’s six-month-old German shepherd puppy.

Dr Henry Disney Austin Macauley

“…A book that I can thoroughly recommend…” says the review of ‘Regaining Life’s Winding Trail’ that appeared on page 6 of the Church of the Good Shepherd Newsletter.

Richard Abbot-Brailey Austin Macauley

An article published on University of Sunderland Alumni website praised ‘Azarias Tor: The History Maker’ and its author for being “ahead of its time”.

Azarias Tor Austin Macauley

News Post Leader, the newspaper that covers Northumberland, published an article on Richard Abbott-Brailey and his book ‘Azarias Tor: The History Maker’.

Lina Saad

Lina Saad, one the leading authors here at Austin Macualey family, has won the Gourmand Cookbook Award 2017! Her book ‘Ramadan Express’ has won the award out of all cookbooks in the UK.

The book will now go on to compete with other books for the “Best in the World” honors.

Simon Adepetun Austin Macauley

Simon Adepetun meets Mark Sheeky and talks about his book on his radio show RedShiftRadio. The radio show from Nantwich hosted the author of ‘The Bee Hive’ and discussed his creative children’s book.

In the book, a young kid named Daniel is dealing with his life’s difficult problems. His parents like to work and shop more than listening to him.

Taking Medicine book cover

Partly inspired by Lyn Miller’s own life, ‘Taking Medicine’ is an honest tale of how a medical student handles the progression of her life. It received an excellent review on Goodreads, saying that “I’d recommend to anyone thinking of going into this profession [medicine]”.

Lyn herself studied medicine at the Edinburgh University and has been practicing medicine for nearly three decades.

She loves books and reads anything she can get her hands on. It is her reading habit that inspired her to write this novel.

The Careless Assasin Austin Macauley

Hayley Macfarlane receives a brilliant review for her book, calling it “well plotted, executed and excellently written”. ‘The Careless Assassin’ captures the attention as the brilliantly laid out plot unfolds.

Claire Danvers is put in an impossible situation. Her line of work is a dangerous one but she never thought she would face such a dilemma.

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