Istanbul Days, Istanbul Nights book cover

The reviewer is an Italian woman in her early 20s with a passion for reading. She started this blog, to share her thoughts on books she read. According to her, the main positives of the book are the superb writing style with well thought out prose that felt like poetry on some occasions.

The book has the ability to take the person into another world and makes sure that the reader is glued down to the seat once they’ve opened it. The writing is clear, every word supports the situation and there isn’t any point where one feels that it was left to chance.

Istanbul Days, Istanbul Nights book cover

Leonard Durso, who is currently tasting huge success through his book Istanbul Days, Istanbul Nights, got his name mentioned in the Teacher’s College of Columbia University newsletter under the alumni publications. He did his master’s degree from here in the year 1994.

Istanbul Days, Istanbul Nights book cover

Author of Istanbul Days, Istanbul Nights, Leonard Durso, was interviewed by JD DeHart Reading and Literature Resources on 24th of October 2017. Recognized for their book reviews and author interviews, JD DeHart has achieved substantial milestones in the world of books.

Cover of How to Best Help an Autism Mum

Author Sharon King is an advocate, a public speaker and above all, a mum. Through this book she hopes to provide solid, practical advice with regard to being a good friend, sister or mum to that special person in your life who has just received an autism diagnosis for their child.

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Recently, a well-known book critic, Toot’s Book Reviews, reviewed Leonard Durso’s modern romantic book, Istanbul Days, Istanbul Nights. The book is the reimaging of Shakespeare’s master piece and tragic romantic tale, Romeo and Juliet but with a modern touch.

Leonard Durso’s Istanbul Days, Istanbul Nights gets a spotlight on Brizzle Lass Reviews

The contemporary romantic tale by Leonard Durso, which gives a modern twist to Shakespeare’s ever green tale Romeo & Juliet, makes its way to Brizzle Lass Reviews. Set in the historic city of Istanbul, the book is about the journey of ten different characters from all over the world.

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Robert J. Marsters, with his ever so inspiring energy attended the event at Himley Hall, Dudley, a beautiful 17th Century Grade II building set in lush green parkland.

Artwork of The Reading Promise

The Reading Promise by author Troy Kent has recently received the New York City Big Book Award in the Picture Books category. The book presents a strong and beautiful message that is filled with hope.

The article glimpse published in the Great Barr Observer

The Great Barr Observer features a story on Annette Titchen, the author of children’s story book, The Garden Shed – Polly and Daisy. The story covers her idea of writing a book for the children. Describing her new book, Annette explains how her elder daughter, Krystie, who was three, turned out to be an inspiration for the book.

Looe Literary Festival's catalogue

Birte Hosken, author of Petroc’s Church talked about her writing experiences at Looe Literary Festival 2017 in Cornwall. She also shared the idea of how she came up with her first book.

The book cover of The Smallest Show on Earth


Patrick church, the author of The Smallest Show on Earth gets awarded with the “Citizen of the Year” Finalist award. In his beautifully written autobiography, Patrick has projected his entire cinema life into words.

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SHARJAH: UK was the guest of honour at the 36th edition of Sharjah International Book Fair, and it did full justice to it by showing appreciation of the Middle East and North Africa affairs through its stand.

The stand hosts to a number of leading agencies, including Austin MacauleyTM Publishers, exhibiting literature for guests interested in the regional affairs. As a guest of honour, UK is showcasing among other contemporary British literature, the Birmingham Quran manuscript.

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