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Disparate Partners

Andrew Trebin is a young teacher who takes a teaching post in Colonel Gaddafi's Libya, though he soon becomes disillusioned with his work and life in an unfamiliar country. Unable to leave the...
Crystal's Diary
Crystal's Diary
Crystal Long Ago

Crystal's Diary is one woman's collection of thoughts and memories from her childhood, adolescent years and adult life. This is no fairy-tale, and what you will read will shock you; child...
The Magic Wand (Hardback)

A crafty fox steals a magic wand from a young fairy practising her magic. He uses it to make Rose, Mary and their friends do all of his work for him, but what will happen when the fairy queen...
A Pathless Land

Lapland, 1897.

He stared down at the man lying on the reindeer skin, his clerical clothes so stained, the fair hair spread in a parody of a halo, matted curls crawling with lice, arms...

Letters from Mallorca

Letters from Mallorca is the story of time spent in Hospital Joan March, situated high in the hills of Mallorca.

A blood infection resulting in a three-day fever, alerted Kevin to the...

Buckley's Testament: What To Believe When You Stop Believing In

The book targets people who are already atheists. Deciding that one no longer believes in god can be a dramatic choice. The case of Ayaan Hirsi, the author of Infidel, comes to mind; she was born...

For a first time author, finding yourself in the world of publishing can be very strange and extremely frightening. Austin Macauley Publishers, however, make it easy to feel welcome. Their hard work and effort makes feel like you belong, and in the end you wonder; "Why haven't I been doing this all along?"

H.O. De Jonge