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Austin Macauley Publishers™

With headquarters in London and New York, Austin Macauley Publishers™ has established itself as an energetic and innovative independent trade publisher. Our publications range from historical romances to celebrity autobiographies; from illustrated children’s tales to in-depth technical manuals; from hard-hitting thrillers to meditative poetry. We pride ourselves on our hybrid publishing model, a progressively more popular means by which both new and previously published authors can establish themselves in the increasingly competitive world of books. Expanding on our international success, the next chapter in our story will be our opening an Australian office, due near the end of 2017.

How to become an Author

The journey from raw manuscript to professionally edited and designed book may seem straightforward, but looks can be deceptive! Fortunately, our publishing expertise can ensure that your book will have a smooth ride to publication and beyond.

Showcased Authors

Here at Austin Macauley Publishers™ we are honoured to work with a diverse array of talented authors and their prize winning books. Remember the names of these rising stars!

Accepting Submissions

Austin Macauley Publishers™ is one of the few publishing houses which still operates a fully open submissions policy, welcoming unsolicited work from any and all writers. This traditional approach has become a rarity amongst most publishers and agents.


Grandma Had a Word For It
Grandma Had a Word For...
The Healthy Heart
The Healthy Heart
Charlene Evelyn 
Collective Social Intelligence
Collective Social Intel...
Jeffrey I. 
The Truth Tie and Other Stories
The Truth Tie and Other...
Barbara Steel 

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