Austin Macauley Publishers, one of the fastest growing independent publishers of 2018, was in attendance at the London Book Fair 2018. Stand 7H40 was the place to be for all three days. Many different authors also visited the fair and signed books and participated in activities that we organized.

Here is a look back at London Book Fair and how it was a success for Austin Macauley.

History of London Book Fair

The roots of London Book Fair can be found in 1971.

5 Books to Read in April Austin Macauley Publishers

Romance, adventure, mystery and intrigue are present in this month’s must-read list. Austin Macauley, being an independent book publisher, brings a myriad of brilliant story to readers. We thought its prudent to give readers some books to read in April.

As a reader, you may have your reading goals for the month and we can help you complete it.

World Poetry Day Competition

It is time to celebrate the winners of our World Poetry Day competition, or as we like to call it Stanza Extravaganza. As poetry publishers, it is our duty to search out beautiful poetry and stanzas and World Poetry Day was a perfect opportunity.

International Children’s Book Day

Take a moment and think about what kind of activities your children are busy doing during the day. Watching TV, mobile phones, playing games, etc. these are normally the things that kids enjoy doing in these times of gadgets. What about reading? Now, we are not saying this just because we are a children’s book publisher, but kids don’t spend enough time reading.

Indie Book Day

This day is all about your love for books, and this is what keeps independent publishers (like us) motivated.

Austin Macauley, being part of the indie publishing community, puts its best effort in presenting the readers with excellent titles that are not only rich in experience but are also rich in quality and design.

Unlike most of the publishers, being a 21st century publishing company Austin Macauley believes in putting out the word of authors who have worked hard to come up with a manuscript that they believe:

Can put a smile on people’s face,

World Poetry Day

T. S. Elliot said that “Poetry can communicate before it is understood”, what he meant is that the beautiful rhymes and poetic expression can speak of the emotion filled in them before the reader has even comprehended the complete meaning of the stanzas. That is the power that poetry holds and on this World Poetry Day, we need to realize that power and make efforts to ensure that poetry finds its way to the audience that desires it.


Guest Blog by Samantha Rosario

Motivation: the downfall of many writers.

When your whole job consists of putting thought and ideas on paper, creating characters and scenarios in which you showcase which characteristics they possess and doing so on a deadline, motivation and inspiration could become somewhat problematic.

At some point, you will be left feeling like a squeezed out lemon.

Why Do Writers Get in Slumps?

Depending on the writer, different factors come into consideration.


We took a glance at some statistics that relate to International Women’s Day 2018, the data from the past few decades about the publishing industry paint a progressive picture. All that information, at least, shows that this industry is among the most progressive when it comes to women’s rights.

Fairytale Day Competition

We ran a Fairytale Day competition called “Once upon a time” and we received many entries for it and we revealed the winners of the competition on February 28.

Three winners were chosen, one from Instagram, one from Twitter and one from Facebook. We also added another story for sheer creativity. Congratulations to all the winners once again, please read and feel the magic of each story below:


World Book Day

“You cannot open a book without learning something” about 3000 years ago, a man named Confucius said that. He knew that even when books were in the shape that we know them to be. That is the kind of thinking that is celebrated each year on World Book Day.

World Book Day History

Though the UN sponsored World Book Day is celebrated in April, in the UK the day is observed on 1 March. The Day was first celebrated in 1995 in the United Kingdom.

Austin Macauley’s Tell a Fairytale Day Competition

One of the most fun-filled day is approaching. Tell a Fairytale Day will be celebrated on 26 February in different parts of the world. We here at Austin Macauley have decided to add a little excitement to the day for all you aspiring authors.

Introducing our ‘Once upon a time’ storytelling competition.

All you have to do is tell a fairytale of your own creation in less than a 100 words (not including the title). It’s your chance to get creative and tell a magical tale that will show everyone you have the talent for storytelling.

Writing tips for writers

Guest Blog by Rachel Summers

Being a writer is an excellent choice of  career, as long as you are good at it. This allows you to set your own working hours, write from anywhere you want, share your story and inspire others with it. If you turn your writing into a bestseller, it makes you popular and known by many, which is fulfilling and rewarding at the same time.

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