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With the suspense of The Field and the pathos of Filomena, comes Coolboy from award-winning author, Tord Wallstrom.
Set in the high-pressured world of horse racing and industry, Coolboy, unravels the complicated scenario behind a historic murder. What secrets are still hidden behind the taciturn faces and farming gates of this small village? And now, will past dynamics lead to new murders?
Wallstrom's keen observations gleaned from his time in the Irish Republic bring an unexpected authenticity and sense of drama in his newest work. And Coolboy will have you guessing the truth until the very last sentence.



Tord Wallstrom is a Swedish journalist and author. He has published more than 20 books, mainly travelogues, war reports and historical narratives. In 1968 he was awarded ‘The Great (Swedish) Journalist Prize' for his book about the Nigeria-Biafra war. He has been to all seven continents and many remote places in the world. Some of his most important books are: the reports from Biafra, Kurdistan and the Maldives, his large format books about Swedish explorers and the islands of the Atlantic and a travelogue on the islands of the Pacific 200 years after Captain Cook's travels.

From 1989 to 1995 he lived in Ireland with his wife Eivor who was also a journalist. His insights in the novel Coolboy are derived from that period of time spent in Ireland and in contact with her people. He now lives in a small village in southern Sweden.


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