Practical Wisdom

Practical Wisdom

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A powerfully insightful yet practically simplistic, easy-to-read, inspirational, relevant to everyday life layman's guide to healing, personal development and spirituality.
This book is a treasure trove of tips and tools, woven together into a matrix rich with intimate and empowering insights, gathered from walking a spiritual path in a physical world. Packed with intimate details of Human's real-life experiences, the story will inspire you to believe. It will touch your heart in a way that will change your life forever, and leave you empowered and confident that you also can follow the path to restore balance in your life. Every page is packed with insights into a layman's guide to practical spirituality, combined with common sense values and principles. It is a practical resource full of down-to-earth knowledge, which is explained in such a way that it leaves the reader empowered and with self-worth re-established.
T. B. Human

T. B.

An Australian woman of unprecedented depth and intrigue, T.B. Human is a natural-born healer and philosopher who challenges the rules by which most of us live.

Her many creative talents include being an artist, author, speaker and presenter, as well as an established businesswoman and entrepreneur.

T.B. Human writes about the insights gathered from real life soul searching experience. Her journey into healing her own life became the catalyst for what was to become, over thirty years, her philosophy of life. She now applies this philosophy in her role as a facilitator of healing and change with all who meet her.

The writer was born in London, England in 1952 as the youngest of seven children. In 1956, when she was still a child, her family emigrated to Australia, and this is where her story begins.

T.B. Human says the answers people seek are not found in following psychic, spiritual, or even religious pursuits. They are found in being self-aware and true to oneself. She discovered a distinct difference between developing consciousness and what most New Age books and programs teach. She knew there had to be something more, something that empowered people from within. She found that many of the New Age practices can draw a person away from finding the answers they so desperately search for.

In the 1980s, the author set out to discover how the human psyche develops over a lifetime and how we as individuals evolve. The result of her thirty years of discovery and dedication was the mapping of 'conscious development'. Her philosophy is mirrored within her teachings and in her product range, originally launched and trialled in Australia as TRUITY - The Game of Life, and workbooks.

T.B. Human’s aim is to inspire people to find the courage to cope with life from an empowered perspective, no matter what their history or circumstances. Her belief is you don't need to be religious or spiritual or any belief to find peace and happiness. Everything falls into place when you realise it's how you think about problems that creates the problems. When you change your mind, when you truly realise you create your world happiness becomes a choice not a struggle. The key is simply changing your focus from struggling to find answers to what is wrong, to finding what is right in your life.

You don't become happy because your successful, you become successful because your happy! T.B. Human is a revolutionary thinker, challenging the status quo, she truly walks a path where angels fear to tread. Pushing forward in her belief that every person has the potential to create an abundant fulfilling life, she inspires all who meet her.

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