Suburban Kid 1932-1952

Suburban Kid 1932-1952

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In Suburban Kid 1932-1952, Brian R Allen reflects on his childhood and recounts what it was like growing up in the middle of WWII. He gives an account going from when he was just starting school, up until his first job. You are taken through terrors and adventures of the young Brian Allen and get to perceive things as he saw them at the time, through the mind of a young boy.
Approaching WWII, everything seems to be going well for Brian, with the only annoyances coming from his family. Little did this young boy know how much things were going to change once the war got into full swing. An innocent mind of a child can pick up the strangest observations in the midst of terrifying situations and their priorities can be extremely different from that of an adult. See how Brian copes in these circumstances; see how his observations develop and his maturity increases as he grows up; experience a humour-filled account of his childhood.
For those interested in a light hearted account from a young boy's point of view growing up in WWII, or just want to find out what adventures and mischief he may have got up to growing up, then Suburban Kid 1932-1952 is the book for you.

Brian R. Allen

Brian R.

The successful publication of his first book ‘On the Deck or in the Drink', about his life in the Royal Navy as a Pilot in the Fleet Air Arm, resulted in many requests for a book about the briefly mentioned childhood period of the authors life. Surprised that so many readers related, at least in part, to what he had always considered a unique and dysfunctional upbringing, led to the recording of a child's recollections of the war years and austerities of the post war period.

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