20 Nov 13:15

Carole Phillips Takes to the Sea Once More - P&O Oceana

Gloriously returning as a guest speaker, P&O Oceana hosting Carole Phillips, author of the incredible 'Blue Line - Pink Thread' on Cruise E722.

'Blue Line - Pink Thread' provides a fascinating insight into life in the police service from 1969 through to 2000.
Carole Phillips recounts true stories of her time as a female officer in Bedfordshire Police before equal opportunities and political correctness, the integration of women into front-line services and her journey through the ranks to Superintendent.
Carole writes with humour and sincerity to deliver numerous fascinating accounts, including those of her time as a detective and as the first female patrol sergeant.
2015 marks one hundred years of British women in policing and ‘Blue Line - Pink Thread' is not only an excellent read, but makes a significant contribution to the social history of that period.

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