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29 Jun 14:00

David Munro is at Stirling Library speaking about his books 'The Time Jigsaw' and 'The Time Jigsaw Deliverance'.

Those lucky enough will be able to get their copies of his book signed and meet the brilliant mind behind these novels that are a brilliant blend of fantasy and history.

Away from their native Scotland for seventeen years, James and Elizabeth Carsell-Brown have enjoyed their time living in New York, James working in a Wall Street firm and Elizabeth putting her artwork up for sale in a local retailer, including a very special painting of her previous coachman in Scotland who had in fact saved her life many years ago. However, it is 1929 and the economy is taking a turn for the worse. With life changing events and depression taking hold of many businesses and families, people are becoming desperate and willing to take extreme action. With robberies and murders turning into an almost daily occurrence, James's and Elizabeth's lives become in danger. James has many lucky escapes and it seems that he has a guardian angel saving him from threat at exactly the right time. Sadly, James's luck runs out, leaving Elizabeth bereft and alone in the big city. Elizabeth decides to take a chance, leaving New York to return to her native Scotland, and it seems that she has some unfinished business.

Event Address: 
3 Corn Exchange Rd, Stirling FK8 2HX

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