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24 Aug 18:30

Peter Morgan is launching his new book 'The Spice Boys' on Thursday 24th August. The event will take place at The Management Office in Manchester.

Peter will be available to answer questions about his book and you may even be able to grab yourself a signed copy. It's certain to be a wonderful evening.

'The Spice Boys' is the tale of four young men from Manchester who are homeless and addicted to the legal high ‘spice' which has plagued the city.

The novel shows the harsh reality of the hardships, politics and truths of modern day homelessness and how society manages those young people who have been through the care system, prison system and are homeless. The story revolves around Ricky, Mo, George and Vinnie and takes the reader on a twelve-month journey with these individuals from drugs, the care system, prison and life on the streets.

Peter Morgan's gritty and distinctly Mancunian novel is an astoundingly relevant and detailed depiction of the realities for those addicted to this horrific drug.

Event Address: 
The Management Office 53 King Street Manchester M2

25 Aug 13:00

Author of 'Isabel', Frances Issac, will be at the Canberra's Writer's Festival 2017 on the 25th August at 1pm. The event will be help at the National Library of Australia. The Canberra Writers Festival transforms the Nation's Capital into the 'heart of literacy' for lovers of books, reading and writing.

'Isabel' will be launched by Minister Gordon Ramsay, the Attorney General and the Minister of Arts and Community Events, for the ACT (Australian Capital Territory) in Canberra.

Leading booksellers such as Dymocks and the National Library Bookshop will be selling and showcasing the book. 

Certain to be an excellent event. 

Event Address: 
Parkes Pl W, Canberra ACT 2600, Australia

25 Aug 13:15

Carole Phillips will be a guest speaker on the P&O Cruise Ship X717 between 25th August and 1st September. Keep an eye on your programme ladies and gentlemen, as this will be something you do not want to miss.

'Blue Line - Pink Thread' provides a fascinating insight into life in the police service from 1969 through to 2000.
Carole Phillips recounts true stories of her time as a female officer in Bedfordshire Police before equal opportunities and political correctness, the integration of women into front-line services and her journey through the ranks to Superintendent.
Carole writes with humour and sincerity to deliver numerous fascinating accounts, including those of her time as a detective and as the first female patrol sergeant.
2015 marks one hundred years of British women in policing and ‘Blue Line - Pink Thread' is not only an excellent read, but makes a significant contribution to the social history of that period.

26 Aug 13:00

Join author Michael O. Gregory at The Book Tavern and bag yourself a signed copy of his book 'Lady Eleanora'. 

High treason and treachery prevail in this tale of fantasy and romance. A cat burglar, by the name of Eddy the Cat, overhears a plot to assassinate Prince Hugh D'Croix, the Prince of Dunboro. The cobbler whose shop he has just robbed is involved and just before scampering over the rooftops, Eddy the Cat steals a codebook. He soon realises that he is the chief suspect and when trapped in the city concedes that he may as well go to the Palace seeking safety and informing them of the plot. His secret is soon discovered; Eddy the cat is a lass, not a lad.

Taken under the wing of Princess Julianna, Eleanora soon becomes a trusted part of the family and is elevated to a Baronet. As a member of the peerage Lady Eleanora travels and meets Crown Prince Ambrose of Turin. They become betrothed but Ambrose's father is concerned that Lady Eleanora is not from the correct background. Lady Eleanora excels in tactics, devotion and sheer force when fighting against an invasion by the Jutes. When the battle is over she is adopted by the royal family and becomes a Princess.

Will she get her Prince finally?

Event Address: 
The Book Tavern 936 Broad Street, Suite 101 Augusta GA 30901

27 Aug 13:00

Simon Adepetun, author of 'The Bee Hive', will be at Northwich Festival on Sunday 27th August from 1pm.

Northwich Festival is Cheshire's Largest Festival & Landmark Event. Since 1984 the Northwich Festival has been building success year on year and now boasts a wide range of activities designed to appeal to the many different range of interests by our many visitors. For more information, click here.

You will be able to ask Simon plenty of questions and maybe even grab yourself a signed copy of the book.


Eleven-year-old Daniel Jeremiah Chambers has parents, Philip and Susan, who love work and shopping and who just don't listen. Daniel is an only child ... no, he's lying ... he has a sister, Alice, who has a dolly fixation; Dan is sure she is an alien.

So, Dan has a few problems, none insurmountable, until his friend, Benji, introduces him to the find of the century - a derelict bee hive which could become a den. Of course, such a simple thing is never so simple and when Dan finds a map well, all kinds of things just go horribly wrong. For example - Alice noses her nosey way in and two strange men suddenly turn up wanting what's theirs - and then there's the bank, too.

'The Bee Hive' by Simon Adepetun is a tight little sharp-witted bumble through a short period in Dan's young life. ‘What's a bumble?' - ‘Shut up, Alice!'

Event Address: 
Moss Farm Leisure Complex, Winnington

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