K.L. Loveley - Alice

Missed the live broadcast of K.L. Loveley's interview on Radio Mansfield? Here is the chance to hear it in full as she talks about her brand new book 'Alice'.

Loyce Ojo at Redhill Library

Here are some photos of Loyce Ojo who read to the children and signed books at Redhill Library.


Jerry Rabbit HATES having a bath.

He tells his mum he's going upstairs to wash but never does!

CBS Interview J.P. Roarke

CBS Local and Patrick Evans have interviewed J.P. Roarke about his book 'From the Village of Lucca'. Watch and listen as he talks about the inspiration behind his captivating book.

Falling for Wonderlust - Jane Williams Le Cerf

Reviewer NoShelfControl has been reading 'Falling for Wonderlust' by the talented Jane Williams Le Cerf

Rated 5 star

Benin Bronze - Robin Porecky

Read the great article from The Local in Sweden where author Robin Porecky talks about his absolute adoration for Sweden and how it inspires him to write his fantastic books.

Loyce Ojo at Monkey Puzzle

Here are a couple of photos from Loyce Ojo's visit to Monkey Puzzle.


Jerry Rabbit HATES having a bath.

He tells his mum he's going upstairs to wash but never does!

Amanda Kehoe in The Sunday World

Amanda Kehoe and her son Tadhg have made their debut appearance in the Irish national newspaper the Sunday World. Have you read the fantastic newly published book 'TJ and his Wheelable Chair'?

Wrong Place Wrong Time - Signed

'Wrong Place Wrong Time' by David P Perlmutter is certainly making waves in the literary world, and now this fantastic novel has caught the eyes of one industry legend, Jilly Cooper, author of countless popular books.

Soccer AM - Extra Time

This weekend, the eagle eyed viewers watching Sky's Soccer AM may have seen a familiar book cover lying on table.

Extra Time by our own Calvin Clarke was one of the books showcased.

Everyday Bridge Adventures - Dennis Zines

Everyday Bridge Adventures by Dennis Zines is reviewed in the February edition of Bridge World by Bruce Altshuler from Los Angeles

"The deals suggest talent, and the writing features a relaxed conversational style"

Baby Samuel - Robert R. Domloge

Robert R. Domloge and his brilliant debut novel 'Baby Samuel' Appears on Celtic Lady's Reviews as a book spotlight.

Author Pippa Kelly has reviewed K.L. Loveley's 'Alice'

Two Austin Macauley authors have decided to review each other's books. Author Pippa Kelly has written a fantastic review about K.L. Lovely's 'Alice'.

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