The Creeps book cover

Amy Beatson and her book ‘The Creeps’ were featured in an article that appeared in the Linlithgow Gazette. The article mentioned details about the book and author’s life.

The book explores folklores and old stories. The main characters in the story are three children, Eve, Eric and Sam.

Malcolm Lloyd Dubber author

The author of romance novel ‘Return To Malta’ visited the Bedwas Library recently for a book signing event. Malcolm Lloyd Dubber spent the morning meeting his fans and signing their copies of the book.


“The story was very sweet, and there were a lot of facts included in this fictional tale” said the review of ‘Jimmy The (House) Spider’ by Raymond Davies.

Idea for this Children’s book came about because the author wanted to teach his children and grandchildren about creatures that share their environment. He wanted them to learn how to respect them.

Rebecca Wigston at the Cogenhoe Primary School

Rebecca Wigston, the author of ‘Tommy Wallis, The Knight of the Hollows’ visited the Cogenhoe Primary School, York Ave in Northampton.

She spoke to the children about the adventures of Tommy and distributed copies of her book.

Love in, Air In book cover

Author of fantasy novel ‘Love in, Air In’ was featured on KAZI Book Review with Hopeton Hay on 11th March. D. M. Williams spoke about the story of the book and the way it explores connections between human souls.

Stop Mark Robins book cover

“I really enjoyed it and found it hugely entertaining” said a review of Paul Andrew’s book, ‘Stop Mark Robins’. The book has received positive reviews on different platforms where readers have expressed their appreciation for the novel.

Keturah book cover

Robin Gardner’s novel ‘Keturah’ was featured in the March issue of Grapevine. Published by Austin Macauley, the book has been receiving praise for its theme and storytelling style.

Born in 1935, the author spent time in the RAF. This gave him an opportunity to travel to exotic places like Oman and Cyprus.

Robin Driscoll's book Rough Music

Gerogie Talks Blog hosted International Author Robin Driscoll on its podcast recently. The author of ‘Rough Music’ spoke about his mystery thriller in the interview.


The author of ‘College Girls’, Caitriona Coyle, recently appeared on Dave Lordon Creativity; a YouTube channel that features authors and focuses on creative writing.

She read extracts from her book on the channel.

The plot of the book is a coming of age story of some Irish girls. Readers meet Cathy and a couple of her friends.


Once I Rise’ was the subject of a feature on Redland City Bulletin. Tara Ingham spoke to the publication of her book and the unique idea that led to its creation.

Readers are transported to another world which is filled with people who have died unjustly. A revenant lives in this place and he has a unique ability, he can move between the real world and this one. This gift is utilized in a good way.


“Great read. He [the author] makes you feel you are there. Highly recommended.” Said a reviewer about Philip J.S. Jones’ book ‘A Peruvian Diary’. The book received 13 reviews and all of them admired the writer and the story he has told.

The story picks up from 2009 when Philip had quit his job and was pursuing charitable activities. He found himself in Peru, where he thought that he would be helping the community to build a soup kitchen.

Choices book cover

“Don’t wait to find your voice...write whatever inspires you” says Elizabeth M. Price in a feature on NZIBS Newsletter. The feature talked about the author and her book ‘Choices’ published by Austin Macauley Publishers.

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