Amanda Kehoe is a Guest Blogger on 'Life as a Cerebral Palsy Student'

Amanda Kehoe - TJ and his Wheelable Chair

Amanda Kehoe is the guest on the blog 'Life as a Cerebral Palsy Student'. Chloe Tear is 18 and is studying psychology and child development, and her blog is a brave account of the hurdles she faces on a day to day basis.

Now, in honour of Cerebral Palsy month, Amanda and Chloe teamed up to help tell their stories.

"There are a lot of misconceptions about people who are non-verbal and physically disabled. This can be hard at times as Tadhg can often be misunderstood and seen to not understand situations when he actually does but just can’t communicate it. As a parent this can be tough as we’re obviously so protective of our children, and especially Tadhg as we’re his voice, his advocates."

Read the full article from the link below.

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