Precious Allen attends charity event 'Bra Drive' to support women in need

Creative cover of Love YOU For YOU!

Precious Allen attended the charity event ‘Bra Drive’ on Friday 6th October, and promoted her book ‘Love YOU for YOU’. The event, which took place at Java Plus, 1677 Montgomery Drive, IL, 60504, was the perfect place to discuss her book and it's main theme - 'Making differences in others’ lives'. The book is an informative piece of writing that raises multi-cultural awareness and teaches self-empowerment, diversity and acceptance in a beautiful, yet informational manner. 


Precious is an educator and an elementary school teacher in Chicago, Illinois, having studied a Bachelors in Elementary Education and gained a Masters as a Reading Specialist. Her interests include human rights and global citizenship as well as writing, jogging, charity donations and spending time with her family and friends.



Her story shows that everyone should be proud of themselves even if they have different cultures, languages, abilities and physical attributes. The colourful and interesting illustrations will take you to a journey where everyone should be free. This book is recommended for any audience because of the messages that are shared in this book is relevant for all minds. The content of the book makes it ideal for those who might feel they are different from their peers.   

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