Andy Ellis


Andy Ellis was born in Derby, spent twenty years growing up in Bristol, moved to Newcastle to study chemistry at the age of 24 and forgot to go home.

Andy has worked in all sorts of places - in a bakery, a milk bottling plant, factories, warehouses, kitchens, on roofs and in garages. More recently, he did a long stint fighting the machine from the inside out with the Inland Revenue. Currently, Andy works in astronomy.

Andy has loved sci-fi since he was old enough to read and looks forwards to writing many more books.


Author's books

Night Time in Shanghai
by Dion Perry
Emma is an enhanced spaceship pilot. When her boyfriend is murdered she sets off to find his killer. In time, she is given help by a secret agency. The problem is the killer might be just too much...


Emma Rain is a top-notch pilot looking for work to get away from a frontier mining system, but she has lots of secrets to hide. Kramer is the greedy, sadistic captain of the trade vessel Night Time in Shanghai, living well outside of the reach of the law. Where thousands of human colonised systems spread across the galactic arm and large corporations, democratic governments and religious cults vie to control the resources of entire systems, revenge can be a long time coming - a dish served as...

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