He is a retired professor of University of Oslo, Norway (pediatrics, children and youth allergology, clinical immunology). Founder and Chief Physician of Oslo University Hospital Voksentoppen Institute for children with allergies, asthma and other lung diseases.His MD work was the world´s first pure isolated allergen( cod protein).
He is a honorable member of several national and international scientific societies including a honorary doctoral at Gothenburg University. in Sweden. He is decorated with a number of military and general honours.
He has an extensive scientific productionHe graduated RNAF pilot school Canada and England,  1944-1945.

Author's books

Environmental Chemistry and You


We all need some chemicals in our bodies – biochemistry. However, there are chemicals in our environment which might be inhaled, eaten or used on the skin, which we do not necessarily need and which can interact with chemicals already present inside us, with harmful and in some cases, devastating effects. Using charming illustrations to explain his points, the author, an allergy specialist, discusses the interactions between the biochemicals which should keep us alive and healthy and the...

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