Laura grew up in a small fishing village in Northumberland and is married with 3 children. She currently lives with her husband and 3 boys in Queensland, Australia.

Laura is a qualified counsellor and she has worked in a domestic violence service for the past five years. Seeing the effects of domestic violence, and learning about the complexities of it, spurred her to write her first novel.

She is currently studying a Post Graduate Diploma in family therapy, and has a passion for working with children.

Laura enjoys writing and finds it helps her unwind. She decided at a young age that she would love to be an author but never felt as if the time was right. Until now! She looks forward to learning and growing as an author.


Author's books

With This Ring...
by Caitlyn - A must buy. Fantastic read!!
My mum bought me this as a birthday present and I could not stop reading it once she (Charlotte) started telling her story. I feel this book is unique in the way the author weaves information in...


When Charlotte Jackson first sets eyes on Joe Porter, she falls in love with him almost instantly. He is attractive, charming and everything she could dream of in a boyfriend.Joe's love and protection for Charlotte spiral out of control as their relationship intensifies, until Charlotte finds herself isolated and a victim of domestic violence.After a series of horrifying events, Charlotte flees the country and heads to Australia to live with her family and start her life over. She excels at her...

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