Farah J. Ahmed

Farah J.

Farah is a working mother to a little girl, who is her absolute world. Farah is of British-Bangladeshi origin, born and raised in London. She always had a passion for writing since she was very young, but it was when her daughter was born that she wanted to take on writing children's books. Now writing her first story, she gets her inspiration from her fun and loving daughter, and working on more books to inspire growing children everywhere.

Author's books

Cece The Glowing Seahorse


This wonderful and modern short story is about a little seahorse named Cece, who lives in the deep blue sea. All other sea creatures do not want to be Cece's friend. Little does Cece know that she is quite unique and special, which in return has made all the other sea creatures envious of her.To much of Cece's surprise, a very old and wise starfish comes to Cece's rescue.Will the other sea creatures be taught a valuable lesson? Or will Cece forever be alone in the deep blue sea?

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