Al-Mousawi Saleh Mohammed

Saleh Mohammed

Dr. Saleh Mohammed Al-Mousawi born in Kuwait November 1st 1953. He was graduated from Faculty of Science at Kuwait University on 1975 and in 1980 obtained his Ph.D. from Bristol University U.K. on the synthetic organic chemistry. Dr. Al-Mousawi Prof. Elnagdi did work all the time in Kuwait University. He started as assistant professor in the period of 1980-2005 then associate professor till now. Dr. Al-Mousawi published 38 papers in the field of organic chemistry with 195 citations till 2014.

Author's books

Modern Chemistry of Aromatic Heterocycles; Their Synthesis and Bio-Synthesis and their Role in Life


All books of heterocyclic chemistry - with the exception of one recent book - describe only synthesized heterocycles, but ignore dealing with those made by nature. This book provides a balanced, concise and informative account in the way life started and why nature selected to synthesize heterocycles, not only as a source of energy but also as reagents that affect a multitude of biological transformations. The text provides an up-to-date survey of the various types of heterocycles and describes...

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