Kayla M H Alexander

Kayla M H


Kayla lives with her partner in Northland, New Zealand, in active pursuit of animal rights and a world where the musician's magic triumphs over the magician's. He Was No Magician is her first published work.
She loves rhyme and has been inspired by the poetry of such authors as J.R.R Tolkien.
Kayla believes in magic, music and that the journey for knowledge goes on forever.


Author's books

He Was No Magician
Kayla M H 
by Karl
This is an excellent tale about the value of life over the perceived wealth of our culture, a good read for ALL ages.


"I am a musician my dear strangerWould you like to hear me play?And perhaps you could spare a crumb or twoFor I've danced this road some way." A farmer complains to a musician that he has no riches, and is suddenly amazed when all of his crops turn to solid gold!But the farmer soon learns there's more to life than money...Follow his quest to return the fields to normal in this cheerfully illustrated, rhyming tale!  

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