Shabed Ali


Shabed was born in London and raised in Bradford. A waiter by profession, he has written many poems, short stories and plays which have been published by many newspaper companies. Writing poems and the reciting them to customers in Restaurant, he has been persuaded by many to have his work published and gain his work the recognition it deserves.

Over the years Shabed has written many poems in various genre including; Psychological Thrillers, Horror, Interpersonal Relationship and Comedy. Due to his versatile ability of writing in different genres, Shabed's works have appeared in many anthologies published by two renowned companies; The United Press (London) and The Forward Poetry (Peterborough).

Shabed resides in Bradford and continues to write, owing a huge appreciation to Austin Macauley Publishers™. Written in the form of Short Stories and Poems, these Poems and Short Stories deal with social issues that we are facing today and how can we resolve them as a society.

We hope everyone enjoys reading Shabed's works and much as Shabed has enjoyed writing them.


Author's books

Rendezvous With Shabed


Indulge yourself in a rendezvous with notable poet, author, and playwright Shabed Ali as he shares with us a compilation of his best works, ranging in nature from poetry to short-stories, as well as his reflections on the human condition. Allow him to share his thoughts with you, listen to what he has to say, and let your heart respond to his words.A moment of patience in a moment of anger can save a thousand moments of regrets, so accept your past with no regrets, embrace your present with...

Author's News

Shabed Ali on BCB Radio

Shabed Ali on BCB Radio

Shabed Ali spoke to BCB Radio prior to the release of his upcoming book 'Rendezvous With Shabed'. 

The interview took place on Thursday 25th February during their Drive programme between 4-5pm.

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