James Allen


James Allen lives in the pretty village of Lusk, North County Dublin, Ireland. He is an ex-motorcycle courier and has a fondness for films, and an interest in all things military.

The Bunker is his first novel.

Author's books

The Bunker
by NatashaYedma@g.mail.com
I found this book by accident and if this is Irish people in real life, and also British man, I glad I live in ireland. But maybe I need move to Dublin.


Fran, Rita, Emma, Pauli and baby Emmett are a typical Irish family, living under one roof with one another with varying levels of success. Fran has become fixated on the idea of building a bunker to protect the family from the upcoming apocalypse after being influenced by a late night television programme.Rita, working mum and housewife, is bewildered by Fran's new hobby, but try as she might she can't quite get him to let the idea go - despite the fact that the Mayan apocalypse was supposed to...

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