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Standard Operating Procedures for Grandfathers is the debut book by Malcolm Allen. Having spent 25 years in the British Army, he is now retired and lives in Berkhamsted with his wife, Jill. The couple have two daughters and five grandchildren. Malcolm said: "Grandchildren can turn your ordered and quiet life into a combat zone in minutes. It would be helpful to have a set of rules when chaos descends. ‘What better than the Principles of War' I thought." "It is aimed at grandparents primarily but parents will enjoy reading what they may have long suspected. Hopefully both will gain amusement from the absurd connection of war and grandchildren." "I am pleased and excited by the prospect of someone enjoying something I have created. "My children struggle to find a suitable present for me at Christmas as I have most things that I want. This little book will be an easy choice which will hit the mark with most grandparents, possibly because the grandchildren are around at that time."  

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Standing Operating Procedures For Grandfathers


"Attention wrinklies!"Are you in competition with ‘the other grandparents'? Desperate to be cool, fun and ‘down with it'?Then look no further.Here, retired military officer Malcolm Allen shares his battle plan for success, inspired by army techniques!Ditch the corduroy slacks, invest in electric nose and ear clippers and learn how to use an iPad. "Right? At the double then!"

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