Michael J. Allwood

Michael J.

Michael Allwood retired from an international career based mainly in Asia (Hong Kong and Singapore) and also latterly in port/transport business in the UK.
Currently retired and living in Western Australia, Margaret River wine region. Apart from writing he is able to pursue his hobby of making fine furniture.

Author's books

A Customary Dilemma
Michael J. 
by Bellew
I have to say I have recently read this book and it was absolutely outstanding the plot was intriguing and I would definatly recommend everyone to read this book.


Michael Costello is just an ordinary man but when he takes a new job in the UK's Customs Drug Intelligence Unit he does not realise that his life is about to be turned upside down.Shortly after starting his new job Michael is involved in a murder investigation which takes him away from his family and his home, immersing him in the shady underground world of the drug cartel. The deeper Michael delves into this world the more dangerous things become for both him and those around him.

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