Frances Wassermann Bildner

Frances Wassermann

Frances Wassermann Bildner has been an artist and writer of expressions for a great deal of her life.

Born in Buenos Aires to a German Jewish Family, the first seven years of her life were spent in this sunny colourful part of the world. The palette of her paintings are influenced from this part of the world. She has lived in New York and London and these cities and their vitality also contribute to her writing and painting. She has lived and continues to live a concentrated life filled with adventures. She loves her family, friends, people, travel and Cafes. She would like to travel to different parts of warm climates sit in cafes and write and paint more.

She is the kind of woman that brings all of herself to every part of everything she does. Courageous in her transparency of character, real in the truest sense of the word and unrelenting in her pursuit of what is right and good. Someone who will fight your corner simply because you have been put there - she looks for no judgement or recompense - only that those she comes into contact with respect the individual, celebrate the individual and show compassion for those who don't dare. Frances has a warmth that is deep within and exudes safety and sensitivity. She is fiercely soft and strong. Quite unassuming, this wonderful woman writes her expressions from all her edges and deep corners giving those who cannot express in the same way a platform and understanding that is sorely rare. Her pain is tangible, her laughter all-embracing and she gives it all with generosity and spirit. To meet her is to be fed and to read her work is to be constantly nourished in the times when she is not around. She gives herself so generously in these expressions so that you can have them for yourself. An incredible daughter, mother, grandmother and friend, living life by the seat of her pants in the only way she knows. Please join her for the ride, all are welcome and with each page you turn you get a piece of this exceptional artist to hold you as you come face to face with what it really means to live.


Author's books

Expressions of an Artist: The Whole Shebang


"I wonder the wonder, freedom of freedoms, play for you nightly and sing in the rain.I pray for your ghosts to let you off lightly, lessen and get rid of your terrible pain."Expressions of An Artist: The Whole Shebang is a raw, in depth form of personal expression through the intricate use of English. Frances Bildner's brave writing speaks from a place of pure honesty and beauty, using a masterful artistry with words to create this unforgettable collection.Using a potent mix of poetry, prose...

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