Steve Crosland


The author is a grandfather of eight, and was encouraged by one of his granddaughters when she giggled and laughed when being read parts of this story when the story was in its infancy.

Author's books

Louise Stuck Up To Her Knees


Louise was too busy skipping along to hear her friends buzzing around her shouting. "Look out Louise, stop, stop please!" until it was too late. Louise was stuck, stuck up to her knees, in a puddle full of sticky, ooey gooey, runny honey. One day, Louise goes to visit her friends the Busy Buzzy Honey Bees, but there's a hole in their hive and - oh no! She gets stuck in a puddle of honey! How will she ever be able to get out of the puddle? With the help of all her friends, including Old Scruff,...

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