Born in Bexley, Kent in 1961, Richard found the newly emerging punk rock scene to be the perfect outlet for teenage angst, but after shelving his personal dreams of attaining rock and roll stardom, he put his life on hold to provide for, and raise his son and daughter. Turning his creative focus to photography and writing, Richard found inspiration in the Eastern European countries that he visited frequently on his travels. Following a 32-year absence from live musical performances, Richard made a comeback as a guitarist with punk band The East End Badoes, alongside his son, James, and in April 2017 married his partner, Liane, at Upnor Castle.

Author's books

Room 13: Between Hell and Redemption
by Miriam Smith
"Room 13 - Between Hell and Redemption" is a cracking thriller - dark and gritty - that I truly loved and just couldn't put down.


Stephen Caldwell finds himself rotting in a Polish prison for a murder he maintains he did not commit. Just who is the mysterious blonde woman found stabbed to death on the floor of his hotel bathroom and why would anyone want to frame him? Richard Cruttwell's Room 13: Between Hell & Redemption is an account of how the central character serves his time and is then released to begin his quest as to who did this to him and why. Moving between Poland and the UK, Room 13 Between Hell &...

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Room 13: Between Hell and Redemption book cover

Richard Cruttwell talks about his latest thriller at Medway local Author Fair

Richard Cruttwell shared some quality time with the audience during the Medway local Author Fair at Rocheste

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