Charles Curran


Charles Curran is an artist, sculptor and designer who lives in London. Born in Scotland, he moved to London as a teenager before moving to Australia, where he lived in the rain forest. Now back in London living by the river Thames, he has three daughters and has been entertaining them with his stories since they were born. His children have always been the inspiration behind his story telling and now he wants to share those stories with others.

Author's books

The Magic Feather
by Aungko Ko
aung ko


Sixpence is a kitten who likes strawberry milk, chasing flies and purring. On an ordinary day, a magic feather sets Sixpence and her friends off on magical adventures. Their antics start a chain of events involving a mad dash, getting lost in a forest and a baby dragon. Read on to see how Nikalak the owl's magic feather takes them back home in a shower of colour and topsy turvy flights in the sky.

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