Sally Dalzel


Writing under the pen name of Sally Dalzel, the author shared more than 26 years with her husband, during which time they brought up three children from her first marriage and worked together in a field in which he had pioneered a therapeutic method, which she documented and developed and they spread to many parts of the world. Both authors in diverse and specialized fields, the loss of one member of this unlikely partnership was the loss not only of a love of a lifetime but also mentor, colleague and best friend. The essence of this relationship is summarized in three poems written to each other shortly before and after his death.

Author's books

Because You Were There


"The grief I feel now seems to have unlocked so many grieves and insecurities from the past I thought I'd long overcome. I feel so small without you; my heart feels totally lost." On August 18th 2013, phones buzzed, babies were born, and families enjoyed a Sunday day out. But Sally Dalzel's world fell apart. Her husband of 26 years passed away and she plunged into loneliness and isolation. In private letters to her husband, Sally documented her journey from mourning back to love, acceptance,...

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