Don Fabien


Don Fabien, a Trinidadian Scribbler stumbling through life like everyone else. “Cyah spell tuh save meh life—buh could tell ah great tale.” Don grew up in Fyzabad, a small town in the Saint Patrick County of Trinidad and Tobago. He lived for many years in Manhattan, New York before emigrating to the United Kingdom where he gained a BA (Hons) Business Administration with Plymouth University.

Author's books

Carnival Mind: Dark Soul
by Mark
Truly a unique and gripping story. Genuinely looking forward to more from this new "scribbler".


Dark Soul tells the crossing of paths between two Caribbean men, Don and Kai, both manifesting similar traits—but nothing is as it seems. The shadowy narrative begins at a residential care home in Plymouth Devon where the two connect; Don, a mature student ploughing through life’s twists and turns, and Kai, an older gentleman, skilled in the art of manipulation. Both men experience hallucinations—or do they?—their tales shrouded in uncertainty. This supernatural journey introduces friends and...

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