Antonio Freedon


Antonio Freedon once aspired to be a struggling writer, anguished and misunderstood in the most artistic fashion—but that never transpired. Instead, he reached adulthood full of wonder at the sheer awesomeness of nature and became its student. Other than writing, drawing, sailing, martial arts and motorcycles, he enjoys trying to pass on his enthusiasm for nature as a science teacher.

Author's books

War of All Against All


“You cannot choose to follow your path. Only through fear and inaction can you choose not to follow your path.”Overtaken by his immense far-seeing abilities, Joshua witnesses the terror wrought by the council first hand, and when tragedy forces his hand, Joshua is resigned to allow his destiny to lead him.Joshua has no choice but to travel into depths of the city with his five warrior monk guardians, seeking the malignancy that is to be seen swallowing the future in a dark and fulminating mass....

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