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Lynda Ann Green was born in Oldbury, West Midlands and grew up with a love for poetry and literature. At the age of 47, after the success of 37 published poems and two short stories in print, she decided to write her first children's book, Mr. Nolly and the Magic Ladder.

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Mr. Nolly and the Magic Ladder


What would you do if you found a magic ladder? Witch Willowberry uses hers to reach up to the sky and catch moonbeams for her spells. That is, until one day her cat Dylan uses the ladder, named Ecky, as a toilet. When she asks her assistant Grimikin to throw the ladder away, it accidently falls into the hands of Mr Nolly - who soon discovers it can talk, and make his cat Sam talk, too. The race begins - Witch Willowberry wants Ecky back to cast her biggest spell, but Mr Nolly and Sam want to...

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Mr. Nolly and the Magic Ladder book cover

Lynda Ann Green Brought Mr. Nolly to Causeway Green Primary School

Pupils at Causeway Green Primary School enjoyed the reading of ‘Mr.

Mr. Nolly and the Magic Ladder book cover

A Magical Ladder visited Springfield Primary School

Lynda Ann Green and Her magical characters from ‘

Austin Macauley Lynda Ann Green

Tipton Green Junior School pupils met Mr. Nolly

Lynda Ann Green visited Tipton Green Junior School to read to children from her book ‘

Mr. Nolly and the Magic Ladder book cover

Mr. Nolly and the Magic Ladder featured on Primary Times Magazine

There is an exciting competition on Primary Times for Lynda Ann Green’s book.

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