Barbara Gurney


Barbara Gurney is based in Perth, Western Australia.
In her non-writing life she has been, amongst other pursuits, a secretary, drummer, bagpiper, swimmer, and a debt collector.

Barbara writes fiction for adults and children, and free verse poetry. Her writing explores emotions and life experiences, often of the ordinary person.



Also by Barbara Gurney:

Road to Hanging Rock - novel
Published by Jasper Books (2016)

Footprints of a Stranger - Poetry
Published by Ginninderra Press (2015)

Life's Shadows - Poetry
Published by Ginninderra Press (2015)


Author's books

The Promise


In Barbara Gurney's new novel, The Promise, we learn of an evolving but lasting friendship between four women: Eleanor, Pam, Jacqui and Rowena. Determined to keep in touch, the teenagers make a promise linked to a set of teacups, the Friendship Cups. After Great-Aunt Eleanor reveals stories of herself and her three friends, Carrie feels compelled to learn if they kept their youthful vow. Left with a matching milk jug and a notebook, Carrie contacts their families and discovers just how...

Author's News

Barbara Gurney - The Promise

Barbara Gurney Shared Some Photos of Her at the Launch of 'The Promise'

Barbara Gurney, author of book The Promise, has shared with us a few photos of her event at the City of Gosnells Library Service.

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