Ruby Molly Hawkins

Ruby Molly

Ruby Molly Hawkins is the author of Christmas at Number 61.

Ruby is concentrating on a series of children's stories and these are based on the recollections of her childhood and feature the fictional "Hawkins Family": three brothers and a sister, aged between 3-8 years old who are brought up by their single father.

A few years ago, Ruby relocated with her husband and two young sons to Jaen in southern Spain where she worked as an English Language teacher.

She now writes full time at home, as well as caring for their ever-expanding family of animals.


Author's books

Christmas at Number 61
Ruby Molly 
by Anne H
I found this a lovely little read, where the author remembers her childhood. It brought back fond childhood memories for me, where my mum had me making paper-chains at Christmas time. The...


Come and meet the Hawkins family...There's Harry, 8 years old, the eldest of the children who does the smelliest of farts.Then there's Ben, 6, who likes to mend things by taking them apart, then has trouble putting them back together.What about Ruby, 5, the only girl in the family who just talks, talks, talks and TALKS.The baby of the bunch is Jonny, 3, who lives for his trains: Choo! Choo!And not forgetting Dad, who single-handedly brings up the children, ensuring they look out for one another...

Author's News

Christmas at Number 61

Ruby Molly Hawkins Appears on Euro Weekly News

If you are a frequent visitor to the website of Euro Weekly News, then you would have probably seen a familiar book design, as Ruby Molly Hawkins has made an appearance on their site.

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