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Frances Isaac has been a fiction writer for over twenty-five years and she has also worked as a journalist and freelance writer in Australia, and abroad including in England.

Her previous books of fiction include, Strands of Serendipity and Footprints on Quicksand. Some of her stories have been prize winners and described as literary gems. Her work has been featured in publications and anthologies both in Australia and overseas.

While Frances worked as a journalist in the Pioneer Newspapers in Mackay in Australia, she travelled extensively and gained an insight into the beginnings of the sugar industry, and her research helped her to web fiction with certain facts to write this novel.

Frances was involved with the arts, such as films and drama, but maintained a sustained interest in writing.


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Set in Queensland Australia between the years 1895 to 1910, about the time of the Federation, Isabel is a compelling tale of forbidden love, jealousy and bonds that shaped a woman's life, much through emotion and the triumph of the human spirit. Isabel defies the traditions of the times to maintain her beliefs and ideals against all odds. Even after her lover's death, she is still not sure whether a life is possible with any other man, when the past returns with haunting thoughts. She believes...

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