Yannis Kyrlis was born in Xanthi, North Greece, where he had been working in the private sector. He has been a resident of Athens since then for many years, and he is occupied with writing literature.

Author's books

The Quest - A Collection of Short Stories
by Alexandros Plasatis
Yannis Kyrlis is a man who knows how to handle dreams and paint daylight with marvellous splashes of darkness.


In The Quest - A Collection of Short Stories Yannis Kyrlis presents a mysterious and dream-tinged collection which focuses on the abstract, the emotional and the hazy difference between dreams and reality. A man loses his heart, and finds it drawn by an illustrator who tries to redeem him. A couple exploring a dump find an object that calls to them, but will they still be in love by the time it reveals its true origin and impact on their lives? Will a young Greek boy find the answer to his...

Author's News

The Quest book cover

Review calls ‘The Quest’ a “Beautiful Collection” of Stories

A review of Yannis Kyrlis's book ‘The Quest

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