La Vove

La Vove

Arthur La Vove was a writer, artist, journalist and pilot who lived and worked
during a pivotal time in American aviation and military history. He was born
on Manhattan Island in New York City, USA, on December 6, 1909.
He flew his first airplane from Roosevelt Field in Long Island, New York
in 1929. He then went on to fly as a pilot for the first trans-continental airline
in American history-
Century Airways-and, subsequently, for United Airlines
in the late 1930s, while enlisting in the Air National Guard prior to the attack
by Imperial Japan on Pearl Harbor and America's entry into World War II in
December 1941.
He attended Columbia University's School of Journalism in New York, and
he was a working police and aviation reporter for both the Herald Examiner
and the L.A. Times in Southern California through the 1930s and 40s and up
until the mid-1970s. He was an active commercial pilot during the 1930s and
40s, and he witnessed and experienced the beginnings of modern commercial
airlines and commercial aircraft manufacturing, particularly on the West Coast
in Southern California.
He knew the founders of Pan American Airways, and of Mexicana
Airlines-a subsidiary of Pan American. He flew airplanes for William Randolph
Hearst and his family to and from San Simeon, and he knew Howard Hughes.
Finally, and no less interestingly, Art La Vove drove in the last Mexican
Road Race in 1953 through Baja, California, and he was involved with the expedition
to excavate Pre-Columbian artefacts in and around Mexico City, Mexico
during the 1930s; most likely piloting an airplane which transported artefacts
and personnel.
He died in May of 1994 in Santa Monica, California. He lived an active and
full life.

Author's books

Hump Drivers
La Vove


Countless men served in World War II. In combat, on the seas, in administrative offices, and in the skies. Hump Drivers is a vivid and engrossing account in words and images of one man's experience as a "Hump Driver," a pilot who transported people and goods across the terrain between Assam, India, and China. With skillful, highly-detailed drawings and honest, relatable and often witty descriptions, the tales of the war are shared in such a way that even a lay person will be left with a deep...

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